Our armored security shacks, Portable modular cabins and fiberglass cabins are most recent products developed by our R & D team to enrich our modular kiosks family range. The demountable structures and modular system of our portable modular cabins in addition to economic prices, energy-efficiency and flexible layouts all together made our cabins preferable accommodation solutions worldwide.


Modular Cabins For Sale

Modularity has become a feature which we have been seeking in every aspect of our lives, and the construction industry is one of those sought areas. Modular buildings are used in places such as houses, offices, construction site facilities, social housing and more. Modular cabins are one of these buildings that are being used in so many areas. Choosing a modular cabin can help keep you on construction schedule because there are fewer variables to hold up construction. One of the best part of using cabins is they are so practical. They can be preferred in narrow spaces too. They are using by people for any applications.


Coffee Cabins, Portable Food Cabin

We build professional and modern coffee cabins. If you want to start and run your own business – our portable modular food cabins helps you create your brand. We offer any color, any size, and high-quality build. As an example, it can be used to sell newspapers and bread in city squares. It is also ideal for security cabins in places such as schools and courses. Due to its small size, it can be heated and cooled easily. These cabins can also be used for wash basins and shower needs in city centers or construction sites. There are also suitable cabin designs for disabled people. These cabins are easy to manufacture. The parts required for the building can be produced in a short time at the factory. So modular cabin construction ends in a short period. And it is easy to carry because it is made of light materials. Cabin construction assembles last so quickly and the materials are light.


Portable Food and Beverage Shops

As Karmod, we have dedicated our long years of experience to come up with extensive range of portable modular kiosk cabins that are cost-effective and suitable for any business in any sector. Modular cabins can be produced in different types and sizes in line with the need of customers. It is possible to make special designs to adapt to the environment. Some of our modular cabins technical specifications; sealed insulated roof, tempered security glass, quality guarantee, galvanized steel profiled chassis, PVC flooring, main line connection fuse box, B2 fire retardant, high density polyurethane sandwich panel, painted surface with UV resistant gel coat, 1st degree earthquake conditions, in electric installation and sanitary system using of TSE certified, first class brands. Optional accessories such as countertops, tables, shelves, sinks, blinds, ventilation fans, internal partitions and WC can be added upon request. If you want to get more information about our cabins and prices you can contact us.

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