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One of the most important needs in terms of hygiene and human health is the need for toilet. At different points of life, mobile toilets are one of the preferred products for hygienic and human health needs. Mobile toilets are portable toilet cabin that meets toilet needs. In crowded events that are organized in different indoor / outdoor areas without infrastructure, the most serious problems are people's toilet and bathroom needs. They are produced especially for use in areas that have no infrastructure. The most used systems on this point are portable toilet systems. In the portable toilet; there is a system where there is a sink, alafranga or squatting toilet with clean and dirty water tanks separately. They are easy to carry and move. When use is completed, it can be easily moved to other places.


Mobile luxury toilets offer practical, useful and economical solutions in areas where there is no sewer system and the toilet cannot be built. From work sites to subway station exit points, movie sets to wedding organizations, from international sports events to fair organizations, from public meetings to picnic areas, mobile toilets for sale can serve in dozens of areas. Each of our best portable toilet models has a multi-unit plan production, starting with a single unit and reaching the 12 cabin partitions. Our polyethylene portable toilet model is ready to use just like our other products. As an extra advantage, there is a clean water storage tank on the cabin and a waste water storage tank at the bottom.


Considering the hygiene and health conditions, our prefabricated portable toilet products are ideal for modern city life and tourism regions. Electronic turnstile transition system can be easily applied in mobile toilets. Our priorities in our product designs are international standards such as modern appearance, hygienic healthy structure, and suitability for disabled toilet access. Along with our squatting toilet and flush toilet units, disabled units, shower units, our portable toilet applications include details such as children's sinks, air conditioning for hot and cold air conditioning.


Karmod’s modular fiberglass cabins are produced as ready to use in our modern production facilities using high quality materials only including electric and sanitary facilities, doors, windows and etc. With its aesthetic design our WC and Shower cabins are ideal for city centers, public places, parks,picnic areas, exhibitions and fairs, stadiums and so on. Portable toilet for sale is produced with much higher technology among its kind. Cabin thickness, qualiy of production and accessory are immediately noticed compared to ordinary brands. Leakage test of our all products have been made and they are produced by using first class materials in all units.


Bases on our customers requests we are offering 6 types of portable and shower units: stationary WC and Shower unit, mobile toilets container WC and Shower, Fiberglass portable toilet and Shower cabins, Panel cabin WC and Showers, Economic one-wall WC and Shower and finally self safficient Bio WC and Shower.

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