Low cost prefab housing is the preferred way to quickly eliminate housing vacancies resulting from natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions and refugee shelters. Both the statics and longevity as well as building physics requirements fulfill the module building carefree with a huge advantage: Efficient modular home construction saves you time and money.


Low cost  Social Housing projects

Karmod Modular social house and prefabricated dwellings have driven down the costs of house construction. Not to the point where homelessness will be eradicated entirely, but they have made home ownership a new and real possibility for a great deal of people.


Clever concepts for low-cost housing

Low-income housing, also called affordable social housing and Low cost housing for individuals or families with low incomes. Various state, private, and nonprofit-sector initiatives have helped low-income people obtain housing, and many small-scale actions have attempted to address the problem individually or locally.Governments have often played a key role in the development, management, and funding of low cost social housing for low-income people.

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