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Preferred in labor camps, kitchen containers are very attractive with their sterile and useful structure and economical prices. Container food hall structures, which are mostly used in construction sites, can be preferred wherever there may be food needs. With the container restaurant structure, you can make your restaurant building as a container wherever you want. In a very short time, the construction of your workplace will be completed and you can do this work at much cheaper prices than traditional methods. It is possible to find container restaurants all over the world.


For example, you can prefer container structures for coffee grounds in a gas station. With coffee container structures, you have useful and practical work areas. A container restaurant price can be very economical compared to reinforced concrete restaurants. In addition, they may be indistinguishable from concrete buildings in terms of design. You can choose different coatings for the interior or exterior design of the container business areas.


Karmod Quality Has Been Proven Internationally

As Karmod company, we have been in the sector in the field of building technologies since 1986. We have contributed to dozens of construction site projects with our container and prefabricated structures for 35 years and we still continue to contribute. In addition to the construction site projects, we built the business areas, showrooms and office buildings of many workplaces. We have made thousands of people from all over the world who want to own a house, with our economical and comfortable buildings.


The quality indicator of a company is its satisfied and happy customers. Karmod has thousands of satisfied and happy customer references from all over the world. The best address for mess hall container, refectory container, eating house containers, dining hall containers is Karmod, which has built construction site camps for dozens of important projects. In addition to our internationally proven product and service quality, we also offer you the best for your project and save you from many extra costs. You can view the different projects we have carried out in every corner of the world, from prefabricated houses to dining hall container products to be used in construction site structures, on our website in detail. And by giving us detailed information about your project, you can let us offer you the best solution for your project.

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