Real energy-saving Container house system

Container homes that are easy to install in a few days and even with Karmod container house in just one day and at cheap costs; they are structures that can be used in every area from summer house to vineyard house, from social housing to daily life. With their cheap cost, container homes for sale are friend of your budget. Container houses are manufactured by companies and factories that are operating in this field. They provides convenience to you with its electrical and water installation, heat and sound insulation, allowing you to use it easily in 4 seasons. In addition, with the siding options that it offers for its exterior design, you will have the stylish design you want according to your request. Container houses with steel galvanized that is used in its production are also earthquake resistant. With stylish designs, easy and fast installations and cheap costs, container houses are making us question reinforced concrete houses and residences that cost millions of liras. Container house plans are a very good opportunity for those who want to have the house they want in a short time. According to the customer request and the planned project, container house plans are made to the desired extent. It is also possible to sell container homes in standard sizes. Karmod transportable and portable container house is produced in the factory according to your project with its steel galvanized structure, high insulation and flexible design. Into the bargain they have also feature of quick install on your area and they are produced as key ready with superior Karmod container house technology. Container homes can be either one or double storeys. Most of our customers prefer 2 combined containers of 42 m2 with 600x700x240 dimensions.


Konteyner ev Fiyatları
Container Homes Technical Specifications


Karmod container houses are practical, long-lasting and economical ready-to-use home solutions that will be used safely, from PVC windows to interior doors, electrical and water system installations to kitchen, from mineflo flooring to insulation. Because many constructions require zoning permits, the time to start and complete the project is pro longed with long procedures. In addition to being long-lasting and economical, the container homes plans do not require zoning permits in many local authorities. It can also easily be re-located to any other location with crane truck under favour of its demounted structure. Karmod teams also provide to its customers of container house for sale, on site installation services, ensuring trouble free installation, and support you with any possible problems with after sales support services.

World's Best Container Homes

We use state-of-the-art methods to ensure that your new home is built according to your preferences and code requirements. Container homes offer a quick and eco-friendly approach to construction. They are also more durable than conventionally built homes and require less maintenance for homeowners. Karmod Containers is a leading supplier of bespoke container homes. Based in Karmod, Turkey, Istanbul, we work with clients across the state to design and build their dream container homes. Whether you are looking for a basic or an additional dwelling, our team can bring your vision to life. There are many variants of modular container houses on the market nowadays, so it can be difficult to choose the right type of construction depending on the situation. Flat pack container houses are the best choice when an insulating, fireproof and watertight structure needs to be deployed in a hard to reach location. Karmod Container House supplies flat pack solutions in a wide range of designs and floor plans from our factory in Turkey in Istanbul. Karmod flat pack container houses can also be used as offices, motels, hotels, flats, schools, conference rooms, dormitories, canteens, shops or other large outdoor spaces. Flat pack container houses meet the needs of construction sites, research facilities, social housing projects, disaster sites and a wide range of commercial facilities.


Build Your Dream Container Home

We believe that everyone should have their own home. However, the odds are against them. Buying or renting property is expensive, and there is a general shortage of land and housing across the country. That is why we have started building Karmod container houses. After years in the business of using containers as housing and business accommodation, we thought it was time someone came up with an idea that would make it easy for people to find cheaper, more relevant and creative solutions to fit their needs. What mattered was that it was new, quick to build and created the opportunity to get on the ladder for fraction of the cost of investing in bricks and mortar. Karmod is a factory-constructed container house built from strong steel. Our container homes are carefully designed for maximum durability, efficiency and the right size for modern living. All of our floor container house plans have fixed trim and upgrade options; enough choices to make your home comfortable for you without slowing down the factory build rate. This ensures predictability in unit costs and timescales. Our process is designed for complete transparency: from the design budget, to the creation of foundation drawings for use by your local contractor, to the final delivery and installation of your Karmod container home. At Karmod, we simplify the construction process. Our team will advise you every step of the way, from the initial consultation on the affordability, design and construction of the Karmod, and the creation of a foundation tailored to your location and your goals, to handing over the keys to your new Karmod container home.

Cheap and Efficient Container Houses

Our team develops customized container living, commercial and mobile units. Reasons to build from containers? These elegant, modern container houses can be ready to build in 30-50% less time than with standard construction methods. The possibilities are endless! We can build a container house ranging from 100 to 5,000 square feet in size. We can build a container house ranging from 100 to 5000 square feet in size. Talk to our staff about your ideas for the container house of the future and we will build your new home or mobile home accordingly. Ready to start your project? Think of the humble living container as a building block from which some interesting and exciting structures such as container housing can be created. The flexibility of adding more space when needed, the cost savings from conventional building methods and the choice of finish makes the living container home a thing of beauty.

Karmod works closely with designers, architects, construction companies and end users to build cost effective houses made from containers. Contact us for more details.

Some of the many benefits in using living containers ;

  • Relatively cheap building method
  • Sustainability and kind on the Environment
  • Flexibly in design
  • Faster building times

Modern Container Homes for Every Budget

Karmod container homes are innovative, modular portable buildings to suit many lifestyles and wishes and offer excellent value for money. Whether you need an entire multi-person accommodation solution or a cottage at rock bottom of your garden, the Karmod container house provides a superb place to call home for a fraction of the value of traditional housing. Local authorities, housing associations and NGOs: Housing for vulnerable people – homeless, elderly, disabled and low income families and individuals. Owner-occupiers and family members: independent space for teenagers, students and relatives. Businesses: offices, workshops and on-site staff accommodation.

How much do shipping container homes cost?

Shipping container homes make you a home owner in only weeks. What is a shipping container house? These houses are made from shipping containers but their sizes can be very different and they can be used as a house, permanent living area. In the age where we live, on the one hand luxurious lives are encouraged, on the other hand minimalist lifestyles are also among those that attract a lot of attention and have an increasing preference. Container homes offer a minimalist lifestyle but also you don't have to compromise on luxury. With the developing technology, there are so many different coating options. You can have a vintage house or you can have a modern designed house by prefering different coating materials. It is possible to build a very modern designed but also very affordable living areas with these houses.

One of the best advantages shipping container homes offer is affordable price. You can have a house without spending tons of money. Karmod is a company producing container houses. The company can produce any portable house you want at any size and any design. As Karmod, we belive that we are one of the most affordable portable houses producer. We have tens of house model and they can be customized. When you hear our container homes prices, you won’t belive your own ears. For detailed information about container house prices, please contact us.

Where to buy shipping container homes?

There may be hundreds of container house producer all around the world. But you should pay attention to a few important things when you prefer a company to buy a container house. Firstly, you should look for the experience that the company has. Because experience is the most important thing for a company. It shows how much information the company has about industry and products. But can a experienced company produce bad quality products? Yes, it is possible. But exceptions don't break the rule. Secondly, you should look for the materials the company uses. So many companies show the material they use on their web sites. Or you can learn by telephone. There are so many things you should look but the third criterion among the most important in this regard is references. You should look the references and the completed projects of the company.

As Karmod family, we are in this industry for more than 35 years. We know the important points of this industry, we’re trying to follow the latest technology. We use high-quality, certified materials for our container homes and all of our products. Our production system has the latest technology and this system is also enviromentally friendly. We try to minimise the damage we give to our world. Our products are being used at more than 130 countries all aroun the world. In addition to these, we work for not only ourselves but also our future. You can look our products from our web site in detail and you can contact us for detailed information.

How to insulate shipping container homes?

There is a misunderstanding about the insulation of container homes. Sometimes people may think that container homes can’t have a good insulation, even if they have, it is very expensive. But this idea is so wrong. Because thanks to the developing technology it is very easy to insulate a container house. It is possible to produce a container house that can be used for all seasons and for life. Every region has different climatic conditions. Because of that, when a container building is designed, the climatic conditions of the region where a building is installed should be paid attention to. At Karmod, we produce our buildings in line with the climatic conditions of the region that our customers want.

In this way, we produce houses that are suitable for all seasons. For regions that have harsh climate conditions, 160 mm fibreglass can be used. But for regions that have not harsh climate conditions, 80 mm fibreglass can be enough. The other material that can be used for container homes insulation is stone wool. These materials provide heat and sound insulation.



How much do container homes cost to build?

Cost of building a container house may differ according to the house model and the region where a house will be built. So, you should get an information about building cost by contacting company.

How much do shipping container homes cost to build?

As we said above, costs can be different according to the house model, region or company. This goes for shipping container homes too. If you have a question about how much do shipping container homes cost to build, you should contact the company you prefer for the most accurate information. For shipping container homes uk, container homes uk, ready made shipping container homes uk and all modular buildings uk, contact Karmod and get an information immediately!

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