Dormitory Container Pilot Projects

Dorm container offers a practical solution where it is used. It is used as student dormitory containers, college dorm containers and accommodation containers in places such as public and private schools, retirement homes, social facilities, hospitals and military barracks, mainly in construction sites, mining camp areas.

Karmod dormitory container is among the most preferred in the World and Turkey. This container type bunk bed, dressing cabinets and bed produced by our company can be decorated with duvet cover and pillow. A comfortable space can be created by adding heating and cooling systems. Products whose decoration is completed by giving priority to durability are ready to use. Thanks to the dormitory container, which has the concept of container hotels, the staff can rest in the best way after hard work. According to the number of people to use, portable accommodation containers can be produced as single-storey or multi-storey.


When many people will stay together, a product with a ward system can be planned. In this way, a site accommodation container area can be created that will be sufficient for all personnel to stay. For example, there are different departments on the construction sites for engineers and workers to stay. Although standard plans are used for such cases, new construction site office container plans can also be made upon request. In cases where privacy and comfort are desired, container hotel rooms can be built in the comfort of a single hotel room.


The advantage of the dormitory container structure compared to reinforced concrete structures is that it is lighter and can be delivered on turnkey basis in a shorter time. It provides good sound insulation thanks to the metals used in the production of dormitory container systems and its thick wall structure. Rain and snow water does not leak into the building. In this way, it can be used in difficult weather conditions. It is fire resistant. The double-glazed windows used contribute to the heat insulation by keeping the rooms at the same temperature. PVC floors used in floor coverings offer easy cleaning. Other important advantages of the dorm container are its special outer coverings and room divisions in international standards.


Dorm Container Provides Easy Installation In A Short Time!

Dormitory container, designed to be comfortable, has been produced in accordance with international standards. Our product, whose design is approved, is produced in a short time and the installation phase begins. The installation phase can be carried out at the factory or in the field. Ready-to-use products can be delivered to the address you want. On site accommodation containers produced for any industry are transported by our international standard transport system. They can be moved easily whenever desired.

As Karmod Prefabricated Building Technologies, we produce a custom scalable combined dorm container model with a standard production of 2,4x6 or 3x7 dorm containers for different areas. By giving priority to personal safety, we manufacture our products from quality materials. We manufacture products resistant to changing climatic conditions, heat and cold. If you wish, we can add a roof option to the dormitory container. Dorm container structures can be dismantled and reassembled several times. Thanks to this feature, it is extremely easy to move from where it is located to other places. Changes can be made to the exterior and interior decoration to have an aesthetic appearance.

As Karmod Prefabricated Building and Technologies, we also serve you with our experienced staff. Since the year we were founded, we have grown rapidly and continue to grow with our customer satisfaction oriented approach. We have important references thanks to the quality service we offer. We blend modern technologies with traditional methods in production and use top quality materials.


Container Prices

Dormitory container prices may differ according to the desired features and sizes. Our products, which have very economical prices, are budget-friendly. You can get dorm container prices directly from the company by specifying your size and wishes. Dormitory container prices we have provided are very attractive compared to technical specifications. The main carcass structure of the container, door and window quality, electricity and plumbing quality are the best.

You can view the container guest house, modular guest house containers, container villa and dorm container which are the most suitable for your requests from our website. You can take advantage of affordable prices and high quality options. You can contact us to learn more about dorm container and you can ask what you wonder.

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