Superior Features of Our Prefabricated Site Buildings

If there is one type of building today that is really popular, it is probably prefabricated buildings. Still known as modular buildings, prefabricated buildings offer many advantages for both professionals and individuals. From its aesthetic appearance to its economic aspect and its ease of construction, prefabricated buildings are the ideal choice for your commercial construction. Here are some reasons to choose Karmod for your next Commercial Modular Building the leading manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated products for over 35 years, Commercial Structures has set the standard for custom modular commercial building construction to more than 120 countries.


Customization and reliability

Prefabricated buildings give you the opportunity to customize your commercial construction. This means that you will have a unique commercial construction. And who says unique construction says at the same time unique image of your company. It is simply custom-made in the sense that you can, for example, adapt your office to your personal style or environment. But a Commercial Modular Building is also a guarantee of reliability for your construction. Indeed, the realization of a modular building offers unparalleled strength. In other words, the quality of the materials used as well as the mastery of modern construction technologies reflect the incredible resistance of this type of construction.

Solidity and resistance

Robustness and strength are also the reasons why to choose Karmod prefabricated construction is the ideal choice for commercial installations. Because of its excellent durability, it is seen as the most cost-effective option for investments in commercial construction. It allows you to realize considerable savings compared to conventional commercial construction. Prefabricated buildings are less expensive than conventional construction. Modular buildings of Karmod is the least expensive today. Although they have gained in aesthetics and comfort, commercial modular buildings of Karmod can also offer savings of 20 to 50% compared to traditional construction. You can even optimize costs with various possibilities such as resale, leasing or even hire-purchase... So you might as well admit that a commercial modular buildings is very advantageous for commercial businesses in terms of financial flexibility.

Speed in the construction of prefabricated buildings

Modular buildings, whether monobloc or composed of several parts, requires the most work in the factory. All parts are therefore 90% pre-designed in the factory before being transported to the assembly and foundation installation site. It must besaid that the construction and installation of a prefabricated building, commercial or not, evolves very quickly. The technical and human means used by some professionals can allow you to take possession of your commercial modular construction in 4 to 8 weeks at the most.

The flexibility of prefabricated buildings

Most commercial projects are in a state of rapid evolution. And when these moments arrive, one finds oneself in the obligation to enlarge the dimensions of one's commercial establishment. This is when the modular option becomes a must in commercial construction. Indeed, depending on the evolution of your trading company, the need to enlarge your commercial building may become inevitable. This remains possible with prefabricated buildings, because you can dismantle and move them at any time. Whether it is during spring or winter, prefabricated construction can be installed without any danger.

Expertise and Customer-Focused Service

At Karmod, our number one goal is to "solve our customers' space needs with excellence and excellent customer service", and that's what we strive to do every day. Every department here is motivated to provide the best possible experience for our customers. We pride ourselves on being the experts in modular construction, and are confident that we can work with you to find the best possible space solution for you or your customer. For over 35 years, Karmod has been designing and manufacturing modular buildings. During all these years, we have constantly evolved our construction principle in order to offer you buildings that comply with current standards (RT 2012, ERP) and are adaptable to your needs. Thus, we know how to meet all your requests, even the most complex, both technically and financially. With Karmod modular constructions, you will inevitably find your account. Indeed, the training and organization of our production staff, welders, painters, fitters, electricians and plumbers, allow us to deliver your building in just a few weeks. In addition, our constructions will save you between 20% and 30% compared to traditional construction, while maintaining the advantages of off-site production. Our modern, aesthetic and comfortable buildings will delight even the most demanding clients. While remaining true to our methods and know-how, we listen and reinvent every day to satisfy your needs. So, see you soon to discuss your project!

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