All our modern office container models are designed and manufactured for global and European use all year round, including the harsh northern winters. Modern residential and office containers offer a quick, affordable and flexible solution when you need quality space.

Models can be combined to form larger spaces, and we provide a large amount of modifications to the containers, such as glass walls, customized size and furniture. Modern office and living Containers are available new and used in World & Europe. Special models are made in World and Europe and can be built based on your design.

Built in a stylish and secure modern office container building. This unit displays a standard sliding glass door system and provides a modern, easy to place space on your property, custom colors available. Residential and office containers can be used for all types of buildings, including swimming pools, hospitals and schools, just to name a few.  They are truly a blank canvas that can be used to create all kinds of structures, including commercial spaces.  Offices in particular are an interesting use for containers, as a large portion of the population spends many waking hours there.


Multi-function Modern office containers

The Premium Office Container is our smallest office container model. It has an insulated area of 7 square meters, is fully equipped and ready to go. Our Premium office container is designed for year-round use, even in the harsh weather conditions of the planet and Europe. The containers are fully insulated and all materials used are of high quality. All office containers are equipped with LED lights, heating, electricity and ventilation. We have two standard colors, but we produce all colors and combinations according to your needs. The containers are usually equipped with glass walls, sliding windows, extra doors and air conditioning.


Our mobile office containers are ideal for any workplace. They are easy to man oeuvre and take up only one standard parking space. Because they are transported and delivered on small backpack trucks, they are easy to move around. You can take them from one job to another. They are reliable and provide protection for your important documents and computer or electronic equipment. We can customize the equipment to suit your needs!


While it's fairly common to use a single modular living container as a mobile or local office on a construction site, we're more interested in companies that are pushing the boundaries and using multiple containers to capture a unique, modern aesthetic. We're also seeing many companies serving the co-working market start using modular living and office containers. Co-working is a relatively new phenomenon and often offers both flexible office container space and shared open work areas, depending on the company's needs.


Portable Office Containers

Karmod’s portable office container product line includes our mobile office containers and our ground level office containers which provide office space but without the need for steps and skirting.  These offices are often used as security booths, parking kiosks, ticket offices, first aid trailers, crew quarters, change rooms or as portable field office container on construction sites. Mobile Office container Karmod was formed to help you find temporary or permanent office space at a great price from a quality company. A new line of mobile office trailers has arrived and allowing you to shop for every size and type imaginable. In most cases you’ll get fast free delivery direct to your site. Choose from job-site offices, modular buildings, guard shacks, modular office containers, or hundreds of other low-cost mobile container solutions. The nation’s leader in deals for mobile containers with savings up to 27%. Portable office container buildings for classrooms, sheds, barns, garages, and storage are more affordable than ever when our team of experts connects you with local suppliers and highly competitive written quotes from multiple manufacturers.  Custom designs, with heating and air conditioning, internet, electricity and more.


Modular Container Office Buildings

Modular container buildings can be built and opened in half the time of a traditional building at a much lower cost. Our durable and attractive modular container buildings are cost-effective solutions for container sales offices, commercial container offices, medical container buildings, commissaries, golf stores, modular container classes, daycare/nursery schools, health and fitness centers, press boxes, restaurants, car dealerships, locker rooms, club rooms or government container offices.

Let's take a look at some of the most interesting live container offices we've discovered from around the world.

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