Security huts is a modular structure produced in the factory and used in almost all industries. These structures, which have different models from the industry they are used to, have become indispensable for the facilities. Portable buildings are customized models of modular building technology. All buildings needed in a facility can be supplied as portable structures and can be customized according to needs. Structures used for security purposes can be produced using different building materials according to the degree of risk. The location to be installed, the level of security, the number of personnel and cost are the factors affecting the model of the portable structure. Security huts are the first point of contact for visitors at the entrance of a facility. It is also in a position where those who come to your facility will receive information or seek help. The security of a portable structure can be increased by adding a barrier or access control point as needed. The units needed can be added either in the factory environment or in the field. It is one of the most important factors for security personnel to feel safe and comfortable in order to perform their jobs.


Modular structures can be produced with different features depending on the nature of the facility. For example, a large facility or a military facility needs more security than other facilities. Considering this need, the building material of security structures can be strengthened. Different security requirement levels are the main feature considered in the production of these units. At the same time, the number of personnel working in the facility, the location and plan of the facility are also important criteria for the customization of modular structures. As Karmod, we understand that every facility has different needs and we work together in all processes, including production.  We are pleased to help you find the most suitable solution for your facility.



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