Karmod Wc-Shower Cabin

Combining innovation with practicality since 1986, Karmod has delivered countless products globally and helped realizing many projects for more than 30 years. With staff that are experts each in their respective field and an aim to reach maximum customer satisfaction, we work with streamlined efficiency and continue to provide the best practical accommodation services, both in terms of price and quality, available in the market. Moreover, we carry out our projects carefully and place our team of experts in the delivery location before the product arrives so that they can carry out the installation process with utmost efficiency and reduce the possible amount of disturbance we may cause around us to a minimum. As Karmod, we know the importance of managing the funds when starting out a project thus, with our research and development team, we research and implement latest technologies in both our way of service and wide array of products. We also make great contributions in the work of realizing a project by allowing you to save time and funds while maintaining your utmost need for a resting place in the working site.


Mobile toilets and wc’s are often preferred just because of their affordability. However, besides that, Karmod mobile toilets are preferred specifically because of the comfortable and healthy conditions they provide for working environments. From mining operations and building construction sites to large-scale and small-scale project sites, our wc-shower cabins are designed to provide what you need. Also, because of their portability, affordability, durability and customizability, they can be carried to another place with ease and even be delivered overseas demounted, they can occupy various heavy-duty areas with extreme temperatures with ease and they can be completely customized however you wish. On top of that, they can maintain a stable price that proved to be superior than other container products or permanent products available in the market.


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