The structures produced in its modern facilities continue to make life easier with their customized models. The production of modular buildings as houses is not a new technology. Producing the units that make up the parts of a house separately from the house is a new trend. These units are generally preferred in temporary projects. Of course, being temporary does not mean that its lifespan is short. Portable cabins can be moved to the desired location to be used in another project after a project is completed. In other words, we can say that it is not units that are temporary, but projects. Factory-built cabinets are designed to withstand all weather conditions and have a long-lasting user experience. Regardless of the location of the facility or the project, factory-made cabins are delivered quickly and installed easily.


Wc - shower cabins are a suitable solution for short-term and temporary projects. In areas where there is no plumbing system or in urban facilities where it is costly to build a traditional style bathroom cabin, modular cabins are a viable solution. WC and shower cabins are preferred for practical and fast solutions in stadiums, parks, rest areas and exhibitions in the city. In projects far from the city, it is often difficult to provide a clean and quality bathroom. Of course, the most important criterion in bathroom is that it is adequate and reliable in terms of hygiene. It is not possible to provide a hygienic bathroom with traditional methods, especially in areas where there is no water system. Building a new plumbing system is more costly than purchasing a modular cabinet. If the project is temporary, this method becomes a completely disadvantageous choice. Karmod WC cabins are manufactured with quality materials and are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions. You can choose any of the standard models in different styles or you can work with us during the design process. We understand that each project has its own characteristics and we produce solutions that meet your needs.


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