When modular houses began to be widely used all over the world, the perspective on other products and tools used in the construction industry changed over time. The demand for ease of use and fast access has led to radical changes in the construction industry as well as in every industry. The idea of not only producing a house in a factory environment, but also producing all the buildings needed on a construction site in a factory environment has been accepted over time. Just as a house can be provided easily and quickly, all the structures needed during a construction project can be obtained quickly and easily. However, the main difference from the house is that the purpose of use of container structures is usually temporary. Structures with temporary use should be low cost and easily portable. Temporary structures were originally produced for construction sites. In construction sites where transportation is difficult and workers need to stay for a long time, temporary structures are used specifically for the project. In addition to accommodation, units such as dining hall and bathroom are also produced with temporary container structures.


With the widespread use of container structures in construction sites, the use of auxiliary units has also been observed in lower projects. Although temporary, a construction project is a long-term project. Container cabins are an effective and practical solution for projects in areas where there is no water system or direct access to the water source is not possible. You can use portable showers or bathrooms in accordance with health standards for your project and office. 135x210 Wc - Shower Cabin can be moved to the desired area and offers a long-lasting experience. Regardless of the nature of your project, you can easily use container cabins. When it comes to bathroom and shower, of course, the most important criterion is hygiene. Karmod WC and shower cabins are produced in accordance with health regulations. Cabins can be moved to the desired location and you can make changes according to the characteristics of your project.



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