Move from gray and boring living spaces to colorful and peaceful designed homes

If you are bored with the gray air and boring living spaces of the city, you will love the double story prefab house with colorful, peaceful and spacious living spaces we have designed for you. Look at the blue sky, not the gray sky through your home window. Meet the soil filled with lush grass as you walk out the door. Move from gray, boring living spaces to this colorful and peaceful designed home.

It has 196 m2 usage area. While it was being designed, everything you need was designed with it in mind. On its ground floor it has living room, kitchen, bathroom, cellar, veranda. On the first floor, there is a bathroom, shower, balcony and 3 bedrooms. It also has a garage that will protect your car safely and you can use it for different purposes if you wish. Contact us now, get your home in weeks!

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