Mobile Site Offices For Every Construction Site

Advanced prefabricated building technology offers you special and customized site office space according to your needs. You can have the desired office buildings, which can be obtained in a short time and easily, with the assurance of Karmod. As Karmod, we have been serving prefabricated construction site buildings around the world for over 35 years. With our expert research and development team, we successfully keep up with the speed of modern technologies and apply them to our products. From containers to portable site office buildings and site office and accommodation services, all our modular site office buildings are designed to be extra durable, portable, practical, configurable and cost effective. Mobile site offices can withstand the harshest environments and can be made extra durable for the most dangerous areas. When necessary, they can be moved to another location within the construction site and integrated with your existing buildings. Office buildings, which can be fully customized according to the needs of your project or your needs, also allow you to use space efficiency at the maximum level.

Mobile Site Offices for Every Project

Mobile site offices are accommodation and office areas produced for the executive team in the projects. There are also long-lasting and comfortable units for the accommodation of workers at the construction sites. On the other hand, mobile site offices are used for projects and offices for various meetings. The facilities, which can also be used for storage purposes, can be found in different models in traditional style construction sites. There are many different models in mobile site offices according to the needs of your project. At the same time, the design of the offices varies according to the sector in which they will be used. Every project is different, and every project has different needs. Standard models of mobile site offices are useful for every project, even for every office. However, in large projects, different offices may be needed for different personnel groups.


Karmod Site Offices

Karmod Mobile site offices are preferred to be used as Staff Accommodation and Mine Labor Camps in worksites with intense work pace. Portable site offices offer a long-term user experience because they have a durable and long-lasting structure. Although projects are usually temporary, it is important that modular structures are long-lasting. When your project is finished, you can move it to any place you want for another project and use it in that area. Contact us to see our office containers for sale.


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