Modular Offices and Container Commercial Buildings

Containers are the preferred systems in many areas under favour of their durability in 4 seasons, their cost-effectiveness, their easy transfer from place to place and their ease of installation. Containers such as Construction Site and Container Office, Metropolis Container, Wc & Shower Container, Dormitory Container, Dining Hall Container, Container Houses and Post-Disaster Emergency Housing Unit Containers are offered to Karmod customers in many different areas. They can be made different materials such as aluminum and steel.

The İndispensable Workplace And Construction Sites: Office Container

Because shipping container office is easy, it is one of the indispensable units of workplaces and construction sites. Office container is preferred for those who want to have a safe structure economically and in a short time. It can be produced in desired sizes up to 12 meters. Office container that is produced using state of the art technology systems is presented to the customer as ready to use and turn key.  It can be delivered either as partitioned or as a single room. Disassembled exclusive container offices are delivered to the usage area after factory pre-production and installed by Karmod expert teams. With the post-installation support, a possible problem is solved immediately and the service continues without any problems.

Why Office Container?

One of the most preferred among the containers is office container. It can be made of aluminum and steel. Office container can be produced on demand, either single storey or multi storey up to three storeys. It can be used in all seasons without any problems with its perfect insulation. Karmod delivers the container office from door to window, electrical installation to water installation, floor and ceiling coverings, wc - showers, ready to use. Due to their ability to quickly set up in the construction site and move to another location at the end of projects, office container is the most preferred container system for construction companies. Different design siding applications can be made easily on the siding of container office with high quality fireproof materials. Practical, economical and high-quality new generation office container that can be produced as single-storey, two-storey, three-storey and four-storey combinations designed according to the working personnel provides great advantages in construction sites. Shipping container office is very easy with Karmod teams. Container office for sale whose interior designed can be projected and furnished as you wish, are affordable and easily displaceable.


Karmod produces construction solutions such as offices, dormitories, dining halls, WC - showers and social facilities for workers' construction sites of large construction and infrastructure projects worldwide. With the technological fast production, the combined multi-storey ready system delivers your new generation office container to you on time. Together with Turkey's largest construction company, the world's nearly 90 countries, it is the choice of major projects. With its quality, production with powder-coated galvanized systems solderless construction technology, with its great advantages, Karmod is one of the most preferred companies in Turkey. When you buy from one of container office for sale you will make quite a profit.

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