Modular dormitories are student dormitories produced with prefabricated building technology and built on site. The modular dormitory consists of units that are produced efficiently in the factory environment and assembled according to needs. Prefab student housing has a wide range of customization for everyone. You can choose indoor and outdoor plans, and determine your design according to your needs. Prefabricated dormitories and permanent modular dormitory buildings are the ideal solution for your facility in many ways. If your school or educational institution needs a temporary solution to accommodate your students, it would be advantageous to choose modular dormitories. Our standardized dorm designs have all the units a dormitory needs. The project plan may vary depending on the number of students you need to host and your personal preferences.

A university and a primary school do not have the same number of students. It also differs in the units needed in it. For this reason, prefabricated dormitories are produced specially for needs. Educational institutions are much more than classrooms and dormitories. Students socialize at the same time as they study, and this is a critical process in terms of personal development. For this reason, not only study rooms but also resting and entertainment areas are important for dormitories. Flexible and affordable, temporary and permanent modular solutions for industries such as commercial meet the accommodation needs of students. Environmentally friendly buildings are a trend that has been increasing in popularity recently. Modular structures are environmentally friendly and do not leave any traces in nature during construction. Thanks to these features, modular buildings are in the category of environmentally friendly architecture. It also requires very little labor during their installation. With the modular construction technology, occupational accidents are prevented to a great extent. Prefabricated dormitories are built quickly and easily as well as all their features. When you need a dormitory in a short time or you want to move the dormitory to another place, this will not cause you any difficulties.

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