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As Karmod, we have always designed our products to be suitable for all conditions and fit for your needs. The production of our prefabricated buildings and containers start at our high-tech factories. They are made with eco-friendly and hardened materials that will help them occupy any kind of environment with ease. Also, because they are portable, durable, affordable and fully customizable, they are one of the best prefabricated buildings and containers available in the market. Karmod Prefabricated Technologies has always considered quality above all else and made sure to reach maximum customer satisfaction by providing the best products in the market. By promoting innovation and new ideas in our workspace, we have allowed ourselves to progress further and implement latest technologies with an expert research and development team. Our aim is to reach maximum customer satisfaction and maintain the mutual respect we have between our customers.

Prefabricated wc showers are a must have in your working site. They provide a quick and practical restroom solutions to your temporary wc shower needs. Their portability and practicality allows them to be installed without causing any kind of disturbance and pollution around the site. More than that, they are considerably affordable thus allowing the buyer to cut from the expenses. Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, the hygiene became a more important factor in the world and that is why we design our products to be as hygienic as possible with disinfectant properties. The hygiene of wc’s and disinfecting properties are carried out carefully in our factories. The plumbing system and other necessities can be easily installed in our prefabricated wc showers too. Also, because they are portable, they can be transferred from one place to another and be installed on the desired location very easily without requiring any heavy-duty power tools.

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