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The thought of having prefabricated buildings instead of traditional permanent buildings was not very popular in older times. However, prefabricated buildings were not as technologically advanced as they are now thus permanent buildings were seen as an ideal accommodation solution. Since 1986, As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we have made significant contributions to the prefabricated buildings industry and improved the idea of having a practical prefabricated building as an accommodation solution. We have helped realizing countless projects and made many people across the globe homeowners. Our wide catalogue of practical building solutions include but not limited to, prefabricated offices, security cabins, modular cabins, prefab homes, container units and much more. As Karmod, we value customer satisfaction above all else and continuously improve ourselves and our products to appeal to our customers’ needs. With our research and development team, we are in constant search for new technologies to implement in our way of service. We also promote innovative and new ideas in our workplace to increase our productivity and design state-of-the-art portable accommodation solutions. All of our products are portable and very durable. Meaning, they can be delivered via sea transportation or land transportation system and installed on site with Karmod staff already present at the location and they can occupy any space regardless of terrain or weather conditions. Their durability can also be further increased based on their purpose of usage.

Karmod Prefabricated social facilities is a design we made for the need of our clients. Our prefabricated social facilities can be installed very quickly thanks to their bolt-nut snap-on system that allows them to be installed without specific requirements that are vital to raise a permanent building such as power tools. After short time installation, they become ready to use and carry their purpose without any errors.

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