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Prefabricated buildings have led to an increase in interest in the construction industry and the expansion of their usage areas. One of the main problems of the construction industry, labor shortage, changing costs due to variable economic conditions, and logistics problems have decreased somewhat with the emergence of prefabricated homes. The solution to the safety and cost problems is related to the fact that the houses are factory production. Exactly desired models and features can be obtained in production under factory conditions. In this respect, the product can be delivered at the desired cost and the economic variables are not as effective as in the traditional industry. The issue of security can be divided into two main categories as during the construction of houses and natural disasters. The installation of prefabricated houses requires very little labor and the installation is completed in a short time. In this way, the risk of work accident is also very low. At the same time, although it can vary according to the size of the house, there is no need to use heavy machinery. Another security problem is related to earthquakes. Even models that are primarily steel construction are lighter than traditionally built houses. Heavy materials are not preferred, and the material used is highly durable. In other words, prefabricated houses are one of the houses with the lowest earthquake risk.

The fact that less materials and labor are required in the construction of prefabricated houses also gives positive results in terms of environmental and noise pollution. Less material means less waste, of course. However, the materials used in the construction of the houses have very little effect on the nature. Thanks to these features, houses can be built in the desired location in harmony with nature. One of the most advantageous features of modular structures is that they are portable when necessary. However, since modular houses are not used temporarily, the location to be built is also important. The ease of transportation is independent of the characteristics of the area where the house will be installed. For example, it is difficult to build a traditional house in an area far from the city. Transporting the workers and the tools necessary for the construction site requires a separate cost. However, prefabricated homes can be built quickly at low cost.

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