Fibercement Buildings Gallery

It is now possible to build traditional looking houses with modern architectural designs with the ease brought by factory production. You can make a prejudiced approach about the appearance of prefabricated houses based on the containers you see around you. Containers are generally designed with the aim of increasing efficiency, not aesthetic respect. For this reason, their functionality is prioritized, not their external appearance. In addition, since they are for temporary purposes, the containers, which have a light and durable design, can be easily moved from one project to another. Prefabricated houses are produced for permanent purposes and aesthetic concerns are kept in the foreground. Over time, practical solutions have been produced in the exterior design of the houses, whose interior design is extremely durable and useful. Thermal insulation systems are one of the most advantageous features of prefabricated homes and are very effective in reducing costs. Saving energy in a house also increases sustainability. Coatings are not only used for insulation purposes. Exterior cladding is also widely used in traditional houses and makes the house look more aesthetically pleasing. The reason why fiber cement material is used in buildings is that it can be properly detailed in factory conditions. Exterior coatings, which are made at high cost in traditional houses, can be made with fiber cement in prefabricated houses at a lower cost. Obtaining long-lasting material at a much lower cost is a solution brought by factory production. Sometimes you may want to have houses that have a traditional style look. Fiber cement buildings offer a durable and long-lasting user experience, and besides all these features, they also provide aesthetically pleasing results. Although it is generally preferred in buildings built as houses, any modular building can be built using the same material. Work site camps is one of the industries where it is widely used and can be used in all units within a camp. From the office building to the cabins, the buildings produced by customization are the latest modern technology products.

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