Karmod Prefabricated Technologies is a company built on various important values such as reliability, dependability, customer satisfaction, efficiency and experience. We have been making great contributions in the realization of countless projects as well as making many people homeowners across the globe for over 30 years. As Karmod, we are one of the best practical accommodation solution provider across the globe. To achieve this, we have developed our way of service, designed new and innovative solutions in line with our customers’ needs and researched new technologies to implement in our products. Our wide variety of practical accommodation solutions can be used across all fields. Depending on the purpose of production, our products are reliable, durable, customizable, affordable and portable accommodation solutions that are designed to use in many industries. Meaning, they can be transferred from one place to another with ease, they are able to withstand many harsh weather conditions as well as occupy most terrain, they can be fully customized to carry your brand or logo, they are easy to maintain and take care of, they hardly ever malfunction and even if they do, they can be fixed very easily and they are considerably more affordable than many other practical accommodation solutions available in the market as well as traditionally made buildings.

Karmod Prefabricated Buildings are one of the most preferred products that we produce. With professional staff and collective experience, our prefabricated buildings are designed in line with our customers’ requirements. They are user oriented practical accommodation units that can be used in variety of situations across all industries. Because our prefabricated solutions are designed and produced in a factory setting in a short amount of time, they do not get affected by inflation or other economical problems. They are also delivered to the desired location in a short amount of time. Their installation process is done by Karmod staff already present at the location before the product arrives. They can be installed without requiring much workforce, heavy duty tools or equipment in a short amount of time. They also do not cause any kind of pollution or disturbance around the area during the installation process. For more information about our prefabricated buildings, please contact us.

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