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The prefabricated house is one of the most widely preferred housing types and is a technique that has proven its quality over the years. All the units that make up the prefabricated house are produced in the factory in harmony with each other, regardless of indoor or outdoor space. Whether it is single-storey or multi-storey apartments, prefabricated buildings can be built in many different architectural structures. Thanks to the production in the factory, the houses can have the desired design. From this point of view, prefabricated homes successfully reflect the identities of their owners. You can own a well-planned prefabricated building with your personal style and our proven quality construction methods and a unique residence. The houses, which have a wide range of possibilities in interior design together with their flexible structure, also allow customization when needed. In fact, although it is produced in a factory, every house is different and special. Prefabricated houses are delivered quickly and on-site installation is provided. It requires very little labor in the installation phase compared to traditional methods. This feature is one of the reasons why it can be installed quickly. They can be built in any desired location and can be moved to a different location when needed.

As Karmod, we aim to leave a more livable world to future generations with our prefabricated house technology and environmentally friendly houses. While building the future, we work in accordance with international quality standards. Our high-quality, recyclable, high-insulation and comfortable homes are the first choice of customers. Prefabricated house is a method of constructing a fast and high quality house with maximum efficiency. We have been providing quality solutions to projects all over the world for more than 30 years. We are working with all our strength to leave a better quality of life to future generations.

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