Steel frame building, in its simplest form, is the construction technique of buildings made of customized steel units. Steel profiles form a solid structure as the foundation for floors, walls and roofs, greatly increasing the durability of the building. After the frames are assembled, the building, whose other parts are ready with the standard modular building technique, can be easily completed. All units required by the steel carcass construction method are durable and easy to transport and assemble thanks to their lightness. It is also one of the rare construction techniques that offers durability and lightness. While speeding up the construction process, it also provides a reliable and sustainable user experience. It has a very flexible structure in terms of design. It can be used in industrial and commercial projects thanks to its feature that can be adjusted to desired dimensions.

Steel frames are adjusted to the dimensions you want and can be delivered to the location you want. The steel carcass feature in prefabricated structures has significantly increased the durability of the structures. Prefabricated buildings, which are thought to be unable to compete with traditional buildings, have made them more advantageous than traditional buildings thanks to these features. The steel frame feature does not affect the portability of modular buildings and can be easily moved to the desired location like a standard modular building. Thanks to its easy assembly, it is completed in a short time and is not affected by seasonal conditions. It is possible to shape the design according to your needs, thanks to the fact that the parts of the house are produced in the factory under controlled conditions. The most important feature of light steel frame houses is, of course, that their costs are lower than houses built with traditional methods of the same quality. Fast production and easy construction process are important factors that reduce the cost. We work with you throughout the whole process and we care about your ideas. Karmod steel frame prefab house offers you the best value in new residences. Available in a wide variety of sizes, explore the elements of our Steel framed houses and see the many options available to you.

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