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Prefabricated houses consist of parts that are pre-made in the factory and these units can be placed in the model of the house in different ways. Modular homes are generally more cost-effective and versatile than traditional homes. The sections of prefab houses are pre-made so that they can be easily assembled once they are in position to be built. This technology has multiple benefits compared to traditional construction methods. First of all, since they are produced in the factory, houses can be built in the desired design. Since ready-made parts are assembled at the delivery point, they require more labor and can be built easily. There are houses that can be built even in a single day, depending on the model of the house. Double storey prefabricated houses are produced in a factory environment like other modular products. Construction techniques made in a short time and easily reduce the impact on the environment. The most important advantage is undoubtedly its low cost. There are several important reasons for the decrease in cost. Production under factory conditions ensures that a product is created exactly in the desired style, and this prevents surprises in both production and construction stages. Another factor that reduces the cost is fast installation. Since traditional constructions take a long time, they are affected by weather conditions and economic changes. Prefabricated houses can be built quickly and you will not encounter surprises in cost. Easy installation also brings low labor force. Of course, fewer workers mean less cost. The reason why prefabricated houses are environmentally friendly is that they have little impact on the construction site and are made of environmentally friendly materials. It also has features such as benefiting from solar panels and saving water. Prefabricated houses, whether single-storey or double-storey, with advanced insulation are the perfect solution in terms of efficiency.

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