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As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we always improve, add new features to our products and widen our catalogue. From prefabricated offices and security cabins to small prefab cabins and dormitories, we provide quick and high-quality solutions to your accommodation needs. Karmod small prefab cabins are one of the most preferred practical accommodation solution we offer. They are portable, highly durable, customizable and cost-efficient. Meaning, they can be transferred from one place to another without the requirements of power tools and vehicles as they are equipped with snap-on weldless technology, they are designed to withstand any natural or man-made disasters and occupy any kind of terrain even with harshest weather conditions, they can carry your brand name or brand logo at any location as their surface is suitable and they are proved to be more affordable in terms of quality-price than permanent, traditional and other prefabricated buildings available in the market. Our multi-task prefab cabins can be used as security cabins, boutique, buffet, wc units, shower units and much more. Their portability is one of the main reasons why they are so popular among our clients. They can be delivered via sea or land transportation ways and installed on site by our professional staff already present at the location. They can also be installed without causing disturbance around the area and producing any kind of waste in their lifetime. Karmod small prefab cabins are the best portable accommodation units you can find in the market. As Karmod, we are able to carry out different operations in different continents simultaneously which allowed us to increase our network and become the best prefabricated buildings provider available in the market. We want to maintain our place and the mutual respect we have between our customers while constantly improving our way of service and providing better products.

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