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Portable toilet shower cabins are portable units that are preferred in areas where there is no water installation or where water use is not possible. Sometimes, even if both are available, cabins are preferred because they are more practical and cost-effective. The first criterion that comes to mind when it comes to showers and bathrooms is undoubtedly hygiene. A bathroom used by more than one person must be hygienic. Karmod toilet shower cabins are produced in accordance with international quality standards and offer excellent solutions in terms of hygiene. Cost, which is another reason for preference, is an advantage that is valid for every modular structure. Factory production and fast delivery increase the efficiency of every project. Another factor that reduces the cost is water saving. Modular cabins are generally used in areas where access to water is difficult. From this point of view, saving water is an indispensable feature for bathroom cabins. It is preferred for temporary events in projects within the city. For projects such as concerts, sporting events and outdoor events, it is not possible to construct a traditional style building in terms of budget and time. In these events, which are usually temporary, modular cabinets must be placed exactly in the desired location. The cabins, which are light and portable, can be moved to be used in another project after the project is over. As time passed, portable bathrooms became more useful. In addition to environmentally friendly houses, other units of the house have also started to be used as portable. Portable bathrooms are also used in natural disasters and temporary accommodation camps. Bathroom and shower are an urgent need for accommodation. Fast delivery and fast installation ensure that temporary accommodation is served without delay. As Karmod, we offer useful solutions with our environmentally friendly products. We have been serving our projects in more than 120 countries for more than 30 years.

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