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Container plans are designed by calculating the units needed in the industries with advanced technological methods. Plans for such structures can offer miraculously versatile solutions, given the limited spaces. Just as many buildings, not just houses, can be built with a brick or any building material, many buildings can be built with containers. Housing and accommodation are the needs of every staff member, regardless of industry. For this reason, we produce solutions suitable for the needs in order to evaluate every space in the containers efficiently. Unlike traditional buildings, modular structures can be produced by calculating each square meter. It is clear for what purpose a produced unit will be used and it has been produced completely in accordance with quality standards. Standard models can be used in any area and in any location. Bad weather can affect a facility's efficiency and cause workforce losses. Karmod factory products are resistant to all adverse weather conditions. Also, it may not be possible to construct traditional style buildings on the location of a facility. Portable structures emerge as the perfect solution in such situations. Regardless of the location, it can be easily transported and easily installed at the point of delivery. Quick installation is a major advantage, as weather conditions can also affect the construction process in some cases.

In addition to the advantages of containers such as easy transportation and installation, the result of all their features is low cost. Since they are produced with advanced technological equipment in factory conditions, their margin of error is very low. Considering the projects with a large number of productions such as mass housing projects or construction site containers, the low margin of error is an important advantage. Containers also leave much less traces in nature than traditional buildings. Even when you want to move it, it does not affect the environment it is in, as if it had never been there. Modern construction technologies produce environmentally friendly solutions. With the new generation containers, transportation has also become much easier. As Karmod, we deliver containers to more than 120 countries. We are building an environmentally friendly world with new generation technologies.

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