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For over 35 years, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies have been helping in the realization of countless projects regardless of size or importance. However, as Karmod, we are most known for providing quick and practical accommodation solutions for construction projects. With collective experience and professional staff, we design highest-quality on-site accommodation units that will surely increase efficiency of the workforce and make significant contributions to the progress. Our construction site containers are just one of our wide catalogue of on-site accommodation units. They are mostly preferred for their practicality and durability. They can be installed exceptionally quickly and can occupy any kind of terrain regardless of weather conditions. They can also withstand natural or man-made disasters. Karmod construction site containers are very cost-efficient and they can save you from excessive expenses. Meaning, because they are highly insulated, heating and other expenses can be avoided entirely thus making you save precious project funds. As Karmod, we attach great importance to quality over quantity. We design such products that are proved to be much more efficient to have than traditional or other prefabricated buildings available in the market. They are portable and fully customizable. Meaning, they can be placed from one place to another with ease as they are built with snap-on weldless technology and they are designed to carry your brand name or logo. With our research and development team, we constantly improve our products, add new features and extend our already wide variety of practical products. In the past, modular buildings and containers were seen as not practical and efficient as they were not very durable and modern transportation ways were not possible. However, in modern times, modular buildings and containers are seen as the best way to realize a project or even seen as a dream house.

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