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Lexical meaning of social housing in dictionary is “houses and flats that are built by local government or by any other organizations that is non profit making, and that are rented or sold to people who have low incomes.” When we hear “social housing” firstly we think about houses that are built for low incomes people. "Social Housing" has a negative connotation in people’s mind.Considering social housing projects, it is often seen as a project that wants to build a large number of units with cheap materials and minimal concern for the quality of life of its residents. Most of the time, unlike a project that serves the city and its people, social housing projects are designed for monetary reasons. When we hear about the concept of social housing, we think of structures that satisfy the condition of being just a shelter and where the minimum level is sufficient in terms of the constructed buildings. However, it is not correct to try reducing the definition of social housing to the dictionary definition. Social housing affects many factors from long term urban planning to the social and cultural structure of the region where social housing projects are being made. The concept of social housing should be addressed by considering a holistic process, including urban planning, and taking into account its contribution to the social group it will serve.


Housing is primarily the most basic physical space where people are in a relationship with life. This is so regardless of whether they are called "social" or not. While social housing is being planning, not only the need for shelter should be considered, but also factors that directly affect human life such as the culture of the targeted social crowd of people, social relationships, and life habits should be taken into account too. At the same time, considering the environment of the houses to be built, their compatibility with the targeted social crowd of people in many issues should be taken into consideration while building social housingOne of the factors that make up a healthy society is neighbourhood relations, which are not really considered in the age we live today. The suitability of social housing with the targeted social crowd and its environment is consequently important.



Social Housing does not always have to be built as buildings that are consisting of apartment sites where people live. It can be made as a single storey building in a region within the scope of a governmental institution or housing help, as settlements that are not very close to each other. According to social housing project, reinforced concrete houses or prefabricated, container houses that can be built in a shorter time with an easier and more affordable cost can be built.


With their production quality, fast production technology, especially fast and easy transportation. Karmod ready houses have the feature of being installed in a very short time in the region where they will be used. As Karmod, we have contributed to social housing activities in Bayburt province, different villages of Giresun Alucra and across Africa.


What is Social Housing?

Term of a social housing is a thing we hear so much in recent years. If you ask what does social housing mean? We can say that social housing is a dense settlement place where offers economic solutions and focuses on fixed income groups, middle income groups or low income groups. Generally there is no or very little profit expectation at social housing projects. This kind of projects use opportunities of the state or charity organizations such as foundations and associations. States can build these housings for its fixed income, middle income or low income citizens.


Most of these housings have a design that is not very good. They may not be very useful all the time. A regulator of social housing thinks costs and practicality most of the time. Most citizens of a country are fixed income, middle income or low income people. Because of this, such projects should be given importance. More useful, more modern designed, more affordable and quality houses should be desinged and built. One of the best ways to produce or build more useful, more modern designed, more affordable and quality houses is modular production systems. Because they provide fast delivery and affordable prices. In addition to that, the buildings produced with this method can be more enviromentally friendly in a lot of ways.


How to Apply for Social Housing?

When it comes to have an affordable, durable house in a easier way, everyone can ask how to apply for social housing? If you want to apply for social housing, you should get an information from your local authorities. Wherever you want to live or you live, you should apply this location’s local authorities. You can learn the process, prices and more from these places. The conditions of each country or region may be different. If you want, you can learn from the offical web sites of your local authorities. And you can learn where you should go and what you should do etc.


How to Get Social Housing?

If you want to apply for social housing on an individual basis, you can get detailed information from your local authorities. But if you want to build social housings as a construction company or a state, you should work with a good and experienced company. Karmod is a company that is in a construction industry for more than 35 years. It designs and produces modular buildings from containers to modular cabins. Up to now, Karmod produced and installed tens of social housings. We have expert teams consisting of expert architects and engineers.


We worked with so many companies from all over the world. For social housing uk, europe, any country or civitas social housin you can contact us. We produce our modula

r buildings in accordance with the conditions of each region. Because every region may have different climatic or regional conditions. Some places have a high earthquake risk, some places have a high fire risk or some places have harsh climatic conditions. In Karmod, there are hundreds of houses for everyone.


How to Get Social Housing Quickly?

When a reinforced concrete building is preferred for social housing project, the project can take months to complete, sometimes even more than a year. Because of that, the best construction method for social housing is modular building methods. Prefabricated or container buildings can be produced in weeks. We completed the biggest social housing project at Iraq in only 7 months. There were 900 housings in the project. We used prefabricated buildings and we completed the production and installation of the houses quickly. For detailed information about us and our project, visit our web site. 

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