Karmod established a telecom building in Djibouti

Karmod  established a telecom building in Djibouti

Karmod  established a telecom building in Djibouti

Karmod who has completed projects in the prefabricated building sector in close to 100 countries around the world, has recently finished a project in Africa. Karmod delivered a management office building, which will be used for the telecom company of the country Djibouti.

New technology with snap-in demounting screw system with , easy transportation and fast installation ...

The new technology and dismantled building by the world-wide company Karmod is one of the leading construction companies in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and South America with advantages of easy transport and rapid installation. Demountable structures are delivered worldwide by truck, ship, air and rail traffic in international container freight services.

Karmod has carried out the construction of a large number of public office buildings together with schools, hospitals, military facilities and economic social housing projects throughout Djibouti. Some projects are still under construction.

Djibouti, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Tanzania, Congo, Eritrea and

Algeria are the countries where our company has made the most projects. Among the projects carried out in these countries are a variety of structures, such as work offices, dormitories and cafeteria buildings, school and hospital buildings, mass housing projects and office management offices, which are generally defined as worker site camping structures.

We delivered a two-story office building for Djibouti Telekomand installed it in a short period of a month. Projects such as a women's maternity hospital, an agriculture ministry office and a customs office were also carried out in the country.

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