Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are practical structures that can be folded, transported, and extended. The word "modular" means that the building is produced elsewhere and not at the construction site and can be installed at the desired location. Design is made by considering the best for those who use these modular buildings method. This satisfies the customers by ensuring the best efficiency from the building.  Completed production parts can be mounted side by side or on top of each other. In this way, structures with different designs can be created. During the recent years, interest in modular buildings has increased. Buildings such as home, office, cafe, school, hospital are made in this way. Responding to the need in a short time makes these buildings attractive. Karmod Modular buildings can be used in countries with adverse weather conditions for construction, where it is difficult to obtain raw materials. They can be preferred to create accommodation in rural areas too. In this way, your lands can also be utilized in the best way.


Portable & Permanent Modular Building Solutions

Our concept of building changes with the discovery of new materials and manufacturing method. Today, buildings are produced using different materials according to the needs. Modular buildings can be produced in small pieces, much better quality with much less errors, and parts can be added after the construction is completed in line with the wishes of the customers. You can add to the structure you have even years later. Modular buildings for sale are built in a short time and delivered as key ready. The framework of these houses, which are generally produced as one storey, is made of steel. This makes the structure durable. However, Karmod modular buildings can be single storey or duplex.



Reasons for Preferring Modular Buildings

Karmod man mining camps and modular structures buildings, preferred for construction areas in dozens of leading construction companies from Turkey and the World, are preferred because of their prices, easy production and easy installation. Modular buildings for workforce housing systems can be designed and manufactured in special sizes for all kinds of needs, from dormitory to dining hall, from wc shower to security cabin, in a workplace environment, worker camps. Some of the advantages of the construction site container, which can be produced in a very short time and ready for use in the desired area, are as follows:


Also, completion in a shorter time than normal buildings is effective in choosing these Karmod modular buildings. Urgent need structures such as hospitals and schools can be produced in this way and begin to serve in a short time.  If needed, it can be expanded, and more people can benefit. In addition, in cases such as war or earthquake, modular buildings can be moved and service in safe areas. The life of modular buildings is at least 35 years depending on the type of materials used. In this way, you can use the building you have for many years.


Another positive aspect of modular buildings is that the construction site environment is not required. In this way, work accidents and environmental discomfort are prevented. Modular buildings also can have the same interior design as structures made by traditional methods. You can also install wiring, insulation and necessary connections to these structures. The insulation systems required for heat and sound are easily applied to all facades of modular buildings. Also, solar panels placed on the roof can provide the building to generate its own electricity and the amount of electricity consumed for heating and illumination is reduced to a minimum.


Modular buildings for sale are friendly to your budget. You can buy from these Karmod structures that offer modernity and comfort.



Karmod Modular Building Systems Are the Best in The World

Modular building systems are rapidly moving towards being the traditional architecture of the new world. As healthcare hospital, clinic, emergency units and various health centers structure, as waste storages in workshops, factories and laboratories, construction camps in construction sites, management offices, metropolitan cabins in cities, security cabins, sales offices, management offices, consultation offices, wc cabins, as affordable homes that offer long-term safe use in social housing projects, they appear as your summer house, winter house and highland house in living spaces intertwined with nature away from the city. The workplace environment is the work areas where workers can be adversely affected by all kinds of conditions due to weather conditions and different reasons, and the cost is often higher than planned. For this reason, the use of offsite and modular construction has increased in many buildings.


Karmod man mining camps and modular structures buildings, preferred for construction areas in dozens of leading construction companies from Turkey and the World, are preferred because of their prices, easy production and easy installation. Modular buildings for workforce housing systems can be designed and manufactured in special sizes for all kinds of needs, from dormitory to modular storage buildings, from wc shower to security cabin, in a workplace environment, worker camps. Some of the advantages of the construction site container, which can be produced in a very short time and ready for use in the desired area, are as follows:


Special sealing clamp system for roof panels

High insulation opportunity with top quality interior and exterior coating

Double glazed PVC joinery

Use of stainless galvanized sheet

Automotive technology in paint

Design suitable for the climate conditions of its location

Earthquake proof

Special EPS filled sandwich panel used on the wall

TSE certified products used in electrical and sanitary installations...



With Modular Commercial Buildings, Your Business Areas Are More Comfortable

Modular building systems, which are used temporarily though long term projects such as construction sites, are also used for permanent modular construction. For example, prefabricated houses can be preferred for permanent living spaces or modular building systems for offices are one of the most preferred structures for business areas. The most frequent areas of business life are offices. The fact that the office is useful, spacious, has a safe area is very important in terms of work efficiency. Prefabricated building construction, which can be used safely in every area, provides great convenience in business life. Modular office buildings, which can be used in every area from construction site to security, are also very advantageous with their prices and you do not have to wait too long for its construction, it is produced in a factory environment and shipped to the desired area in a very short time. It is ready to use from the moment of shipment. Used modular office buildings for sale also preferred in many industries.


They can be designed and produced as single storeys, and they can be designed and produced as multi-storey combination structures in two, three and four storeys. Outer coverings can also be made upon request. Karmod metropolitan cabin is one of the most suitable modular building systems for business areas. You can choose it for security, as a taxi stand, as a sales office, as a buffet or any other area you can request. It also has a modern appearance with its aesthetic structure.


 Prefabricated building construction, which has dozens of advantages with different technical features, may differ depending on demand. Different container sizes and many different types of prefabricated building construction are available. In addition, modular building systems prices may vary depending on the material used, desired size and different optional features. Karmod modular building systems can be designed and produced in any size and budget that are suitable for every demand. For detailed information, you can look at our modular building systems products from our website and you can contact us.


As technology changes, our living conditions and possibilities are also changing. This brings with it the change of our needs. For example, 100 years ago, maybe speed wasn't that important. A message could arrive with a letter in days, but it was not a problem. But right now, if we don't get our messages delivered or responded within minutes, we start to complain about that. We are looking for speed and convenience in every product. So many sectors were affected by this. Construction sector is one of them. People do not want to wait to have a building. It doesn’t matter house or workplace. Modular buildings are among the most preferred building types of recent years. They are portable, very useful and more economic than traditional building types. They are being used for every building need from living areas to workplaces. They can be earthquake proof, fireproof and damage proof. In addition to these, they have very low costs. Let’s see what these modular buildings are.


What are modular buildings?

As you understand from the name, modular building comprises of modules. Roof is a separate module, walls are separate modules, windows are separate modules… The biggest difference is their production area. Traditional buildings like reinforced concrete buildings are built in construction site. But lego modular buildings are not “built”, they are “produced” as modules in a factory. Then those modules are combined at the delivery area. Every module can be customized according to the customer’s demand. All lego modular buildings have so many advantages.


You can have a house in only a few days with these lego custom modular buildings. It is very easy to have a portable and useful workplace. Also, you can transport your workplace if you want or need. Because lego creator modular buildings are portable, they can be transported with an only crane. For this reason, commercial modular buildings are very good option for temporary workplace needs. As Karmod, we are the prefer of leading companies. Our products are now being used at more than 130 countries all around the world. With our expert architects and engineers, we design and produce every modular building meticulously and with great care. We despatch our products in international standards, install them and deliver you as ready for use. For modular buildings uk, europe and all around the world, you can contact us.


 How much do modular buildings cost?

As we say above, as technology changes, our living conditions and possibilities are also changing. With the introduction of many new products in our lives, our expenses have increased even more. Low cost products gained more importance. Modular buildings are low cost products. Because most of the costs in traditional reinforced concrete structures do not exist in these structures. For example, they are produced in factory environment, not in construction site. This reduces the costs a lot. Thus, these products can be offered to the customer at more affordable prices.


 How to light up Lego modular buildings?

Because a modular building is different from traditional buildings, people can ask “how to light up these structures, how will be electrical installation or water installation” etc. Actually, there is no big difference from the reinforced concrete buildings. All the electrical installation and water installation are delivered to you as surface mounted. By this means, you can use the electricity and water as you are in normal reinforced concrete building. There are so many modular building types. Container and prefabricated buildings, modular cabins, modular apartment buildings… Hospitals, schools, workplaces, construction site buildings (including dining halls, dormitories, wc and showers or rest rooms). For every building need or modular buildings hull, you can contact Karmod teams.


Properties of Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are structures produced under controlled conditions in a factory environment. After the design phase, the modules are produced and after the controls are made, they are prepared for shipment. Since modular buildings are light, they can be easily moved to the desired location. However, being light does not mean that they are not durable. Flexible and lightweight, modular structures are also durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions. The buildings that are easily transported to the construction site are constructed easily and quickly by our expert team. It requires a lot of tools and labor during its installation. This feature is one of the important factors reducing the cost. Because many workers work in the construction process of buildings built with traditional methods. At the same time, since it requires heavy machinery, the impact it leaves on the environment is quite high. Modular buildings, on the other hand, have almost no impact on the environment. From this point of view, it is environmentally friendly and is in the category of environmentally friendly architecture. Another feature of modular buildings is their flexible structure. It allows a wide range of models in design and can be fully customized according to need.


2021 Modular Buildings for Sale

As Karmod, we carry out projects in more than 180 countries all over the world. Our experience of more than 30 years and the feedback we receive from our customers is our greatest assurance. Whatever the type of your project, modular homes buildings are your ideal solution. Our standard products are proven products that have been used for many years. However, if you wish, you can meet our personalized designs. Tell us about your dream product and let's design it together. You can have a stylish and comfortable product with design space modular buildings. Modular buildings are among the preferred products in almost all industries all over the world. Thanks to its useful and durable structure, it can be used for many years and is less costly compared to its traditional counterparts. Every project has its own needs and as Karmod, we understand your needs. We produce solutions suitable for you in line with your needs.

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