Mobile clinics are doctor office located that is inside the truck, trailer or a prefab/container structures. One of the structures produced by Karmod to provide effective solutions for different usage needs is mobile clinicsAiming to meet all kinds of health needs, mobile clinics are being designed with the priority of sterile and safe service that are functional, suitable for the conditions of health services. Mobile clinics that are used for all kinds of clinics, such as hospital annexes, laboratories, pediatric diseases and temporary community health centers are produced in a factory environment and delivered ready for use by Karmod. These vehicle-based or prefabricated / container building mobile clinics may belong to a state-owned healthcare company or private companies such as charities.


Mobile clinics have all kinds of possibilities for patient confidentiality and a good examination with advantages such as easy transportation of medicines and equipment, and continuity of service in adverse weather conditions. Under favour of mobile clinics, factors such as distance, construction times or climatic conditions are not an obstacle in delivering healthcare. Mobile clinics can create specialized medical fields, from simple health centers to critical intensive care units, operating rooms and ability to meet emergency conditions. The sterile environment they offer, their suitable designs for medical equipment, their suitability for all kinds of weather conditions, the fast access to the required area and many other advantages are the best answers to the question of why mobile clinics. Healthcare industry is working to reduce healthcare inequality, draw attention to determinants of healthcare, and encourage value-based healthcare and mobile clinics are serving to fill in the gaps in this regard. For many people, these mobile clinics may be their only source of health care. Also some studies indicate that patients who visit mobile clinics can also increase their state of health, mobile clinics are making it easier and stronger for them to manage their own health.


Mobile Clinics Serve Fast And Reliable Medical Services

Mobile clinics, which are the result of the advancement of technology in the field of health, can provide a very fast and reliable service. They serve in areas that are medically unserved, such as war zones, countrysides and natural disaster areas such as floods, earthquakes and so on. It is as important to receive health care in a medically unserved area as quickly and reliably. With its modular and demountable production, mobile clinics for sale can be produced much more economically than many permanent structures and moved to the required region within a very short time. With their interior and exterior coatings, quality materials used in their construction, mobile clinics offer not only fast but also reliable health care. By the virtue of their quality equipment, mobile clinics can be used in all kinds of healthcare services, such as from mobile dental clinic to mobile mammography & gynecology clinic, from mobile radiology clinic to cardiology or laboratory, or even the operating room and intensive care units. It has been proven that these mobile clinics are extremely effective at meet high-risk patients with primary and preventive treatment.


Mobile clinics for sale offer comparatively economic and applicable alternatives for treating isolated and sensitive groups along with newly displaced from their countries. Karmod which is one of mobile clinics manufacturers turkey has contributed to the delivery of many health services to different regions such as hospital, polyclinic. Karmod, that provides services to its customers in many areas with its 30 years of experience, also leads the sector with its solutions in the health sector.

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