Innovative Affordable Housing Models

Innovative Affordable Housing Models

What Is Affordable Housing?

Affordable housing is a housing that is putative affordable to those middle income or hard up families that are rated by the national or local government on the part of recognized housing affordability index. Affordable Housing allows middle and low income families to host so that these families can also meet other basic living costs such as clothing, food, medical care and education and transport etc more easily. To provide less cost housing, affordable housing scheme can be part of government initiative. Sometimes under the Affordable Housing Scheme the local authority can provide a land that new houses will built and sold. There are so many different reasons to affordable housing should be implemented.Small Prefab Cabins Project Cheap Mini Cabin

For instance, people may need to have affordable housing because a change in their lives has effected on their financial situations. A household member may lost his/her job, a family may separated, after a baby came family now can have only a single income or one of spouses can die etc. Or someone can need affordable housing only because they are at the beginning of a new career. Or maybe it is needed for only short time because of different reasons. Affordable housing is open to a more comprehensive of household incomes than social housing. Households do not have to be holder of a right for social housing to apply for affordable housing, but people who are be holder of a right for social housing innovative affordable housing models may also be holder of a right for affordable housing scheme.


In affordable housing scheme, houses can be different sizes such as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 etc. Depending on the province, district, or even neighborhood, home designs, and prices of houses can may show a change. You can own these houses by paying down payment and as if you pay rent. Karmod has carried through a housing estate projects which are affordable housing scheme in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya and many other regions. The production of the houses was completed in a short time and their on site installations were provided by Karmod teams as ready for use in a short time.



Within the scope of affordable housing scheme generally prefabricated buildings were used in the houses. Houses were shipped as ready for use from the wall to the roof, from the door to the window, to the armatüre of wiring and water installations. Karmod houses, which have the feature of long-lasting light steel disassembling, have the advantage of easy transportation and quick set up. The houses built within the scope of affordable housing scheme have high insulation with panel system walls and roof system. For this reason, they can be used safely without hot or cold climate difference.


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