Mecca's housing preferences Karmod Prefabricated Houses

Mecca's housing preferences Karmod Prefabricated Houses

Karmod's Prefabricated Houses were the preferred residences for Islam's holy city Mecca. Karmod, the leading brand of the ready-made housing industry, built houses in 6 different places of Mecca.

Karmod, who also has a sales office in the Qassim district of Saudi Arabia, completed the houses in a short time with the opening of the office.

Karmod residences which are prepared with all the units as pre-production in the modern facilities in Istanbul reach to the country with the sea road container transportation. The houses are ready to be installed and delivered for ready use within 3 to 10 days according to their size.

Karmod houses with wall and roof system and high isolation are used safely without any difference of hot or cold climate.

Karmod has implemented over 30 residential units in Saudi Arabia over the last six months. The company also has ongoing residential projects in the country. The houses that were built are located in cities like the Qassim region, Shakra, Ar-ar, Sharkiya, Mecca.

Karmod's showroom, opened at Qassim district in the beginning of the year, has a size of 10 thousand square meters and it is the biggest prefabricated showroom of the Middle East. There are more than 50 daily visitors to the showroom showcasing prefabricated houses, buffets and security booths, life containers, site office buildings and many other alternative building models.

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