Karmod realized a mass housing project in Libya

Karmod realized a mass housing project in Libya

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies completed the mass housing project in the city of Al Hums (Al Khums) in Libya. The 29 prefabricated houses were built and delivered within 40 days.

The prefabricated houses that are produced in Karmod's modern facilities in Tuzla, Istanbul, have been transported to Libya through containerized sea-liner transport.

Karmod houses with long-life, light steel demounting feature have the advantage of fast production, easy transportation and fast installation. Houses with sandwich panel wall system provide good isolation.

Light steel houses are also attractive with prices because they are prepared in factory tape system with demountable features with all units. It can be easily installed in place by screwed and interlocked structure model.

Al Hums residential project preferred the "Yıldız" house model of 49 m2, 2 + 1 plan. 29 single-storey houses were delivered with ready-to-use installation within 40 days.

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