Modular Offices and Container Commercial Buildings

Containers are the preferred systems in many areas in favor of their durability in 4 seasons, their cost-effectiveness, their easy transfer from place to place and their ease of installation. Containers such as Construction Site and Container Office, Metropolis Container, Wc & Shower Container, Dormitory Container, Dining Hall Container, Container Houses and Post-Disaster Emergency Housing Unit Containers are offered to Karmod customers in many different areas. They can be made of different materials such as aluminum and steel.


Modular Offices and Container Commercial Buildings

Modular refurbished office containers provide you with a flexible and mobile ground floor office that you can rely on for years to come. Our air-conditioned office and bathroom floor plans include office quality finishes, as well as turnkey electrical and plumbing systems. We offer portable products under many names such as mobile offices, construction office container trailers, sales agents, construction site container trailers, mobile office container trailers, construction site offices, special event trailers, film rental trailers, temporary buildings, and relocatable buildings. We have not been able to solve the problem of portable container construction, which we have not been able to do.


We'll work with you to understand your needs and then discuss what the most practical interior layout would be for your construction trailer or container office.  Do you need a lavatory, coffee area, partition, or cupboard? We can also arrange the rental of office equipment or furniture to save you time and money.


Use them as a durable solution for field operations or a stylish option for container offices.

Wherever you go, you can take your containerized workspace with you. Our Open Container Office offers a professional and neat workplace in a secure and air-conditioned environment. This ready-to-use mobile office solution can be placed directly on the floor and includes a secure steel door for staff use. The open container office is pre-installed with a half bathroom for added comfort and convenience. Workplace managers, visitors, and guests will appreciate the containerized office space and clean, flushable toilets.


If you want two separate workstations in an air-conditioned mobile office on the ground floor, consider the 40ft double office. Divided by solid floor-to-ceiling walls, each office has its own steel staff door and Karmod unit for privacy and luxury.


The shop and work container office is a mobile workspace with storage convenience built into the floor plan. The separate storage and office areas have their own entrances to prevent disturbance to the office part, which is equipped with insulation and climate control.


The 40ft workplace modular container combines work and conference space under one roof. The floor plan includes three distinct workspaces for privacy, and individual Karmod units ensure comfort from room to room. The conference area easily converts to a break room, file room, or reception area.


A popular trend nowadays is the conversion of modular office containers into residential or commercial structures. From an aesthetic point of view, this creates a very structured and modern atmosphere, which makes it very attractive, especially for the younger market.


The İndispensable Workplace And Construction Sites: Office Container

It doesn't hurt that it can be much cheaper than building a structure from scratch or even using prefabricated materials. With a modular office container, the basic form is already in place and all that remains to be done is to reinforce and insulate it to make it as habitable as possible. In addition to this, as it is also modular, it can easily be expanded to suit your needs or preferences. Of course, the main requirement is to have enough space on the ground to play. Before you dive into developing or building your own modular container office, however, here are some important tips that you should put into consideration first.


The construction industry is gradually evolving to embrace new trends. you'll have noticed that one of the foremost popular trends within the housing industry is that the transformation of modular office containers into homes or offices. People are embracing this trend because it offers a powerful structural look and has aesthetic qualities that make it appealing, especially to children.


In addition, an office made from a modular office container is less labor-intensive than other building constructions. This is because it is already assembled. So you don't have to build it yourself from scratch. The only work left for you is modifying your modular office container to make it attractive and habitable. In addition, modifying the container will cost you considerably less than the cost of other building constructions. If you are looking to build your own portable office container, here are some things you should keep in mind.


You should remember that office containers are designed on a modular basis, which suggests that they are doing not have the essential qualities that make them habitable. you want to therefore make various modifications to form them habitable.


The first modification you would like to form to your modular office container house is to insulate it. Insulating your office container isn't almost installing a frame. It also must be insulated to stop evaporation in order that moisture cannot enter the office. There are different methods of insulating a container with blown insulation and foam insulation being the common ones. You could also use insulation panels. However, you have to keep in mind that spray foam insulation is more costly than other methods. It is also thinner, and it requires you to spray both the interior and exterior parts of your containers.


The İndispensable Workplace And Construction Sites: Office Container

Because shipping container office is easy, it is one of the indispensable units of workplaces and construction sites. Office container is preferred for those who want to have a safe structure economically and in a short time. It can be produced in desired sizes up to 12 meters. Office container that is produced using state of the art technology systems is presented to the customer as ready to use and turn key.  It can be delivered either as partitioned or as a single room. Disassembled exclusive container offices are delivered to the usage area after factory pre-production and installed by Karmod expert teams. With the post-installation support, a possible problem is solved immediately and the service continues without any problems.



Why Office Container?

One of the most preferred among the containers is the office container. It can be made of aluminum and steel. Office containers can be produced on demand, either single-story or multi-story up to three stories. It can be used in all seasons without any problems with its perfect insulation. Karmod delivers the container office from door to window, electrical installation to water installation, floor and ceiling coverings, WC - showers, ready to use. Due to their ability to quickly set up in the construction site and move to another location at the end of projects, office container is the most preferred container system for construction companies. Different design siding applications can be made easily on the siding of container office with high-quality fireproof materials. Practical, economical and high-quality new generation office container that can be produced as single-story, two-story, three-story and four-story combinations designed according to the working personnel provides great advantages in construction sites. Shipping container office is very easy with Karmod teams. Container office for sale whose interior designed can be projected and furnished as you wish, are affordable and easily displaceable.


Karmod produces construction solutions such as offices, dormitories, dining halls, WC - showers, and social facilities for workers' construction sites of large construction and infrastructure projects worldwide. With the technological fast production, the combined multi-story ready system delivers your new generation office container to you on time. Together with Turkey's largest construction company, the world's nearly 90 countries, it is the choice of major projects. With its quality, production with powder-coated galvanized systems solderless construction technology, with its great advantages, Karmod is one of the most preferred companies in Turkey. When you buy from one of container office for sale you will make quite a profit.


A container office is practical as you can use it for every modular building need. A shipping container office is one of the container models. It is created from container offices. They are very useful by courtesy of their advantageous features. Portability is one of these advantageous features. Modular building need is increasing day by day in the modern age we live. Portable, useful, practical, eco-friendly buildings are needed in every aspect of our lives. So many various industry need these buildings for many reasons. For example, construction industry. For worker camps in remote areas, modular and portable buildings are needed so much. Because they are not permanent, reinforced concrete buildings can not be used for these camps. An office container is a savior for these situations.

Site office container building manufacturer Karmod produces its products in a modern state-of-the-art production systems. With the feedbacks we take, we always try to develop and improve ourselves. From container office for sale uk to europe, you can prefer Karmod for your every building need.




How to build a shipping container office?

Container offices are modular buildings. They are produced in a factory environment as modules. These modules are assembled in the delivery area. They are delivered as ready for use. You do not have to build them, the manufacturer company builds them for you. This is one of the best advantages. Karmod container office products can be produced and delivered to you in only days. At our modern production facilities, we produce our modular buildings with the best quality. We use high-quality certified products and our buildings are guaranteed. If you have any problem while you are using them, you can contact us whenever you want. Karmod family is with you not during the order process but also during the usage of our products.


How to turn a shipping container into an office? or How to convert a shipping container into an office?

There are two ways to turn a shipping container into an office. First one is buying a shipping container and decorate it in a way you want. But this is laborious, time consuming and much more expensive than the option we'll talk about in a moment. Second way is contacting Karmod, describing the building you need and that’s it. You can leave the rest to us. We can produce container office buildings up to 12 meters. We have standard size container products, also we can customize our containers as you want.


We are in this industry since 1986. We use corrosion resistant galvanized steel for our container office products. With the high insulation quality feature, you can use Karmod containers for long periods of time. Whether it is a living container or an office container, you can choose Karmod containers for everything. We use special leakproof bracket system. With the unwelded system, their installation is very easy. The containers produced with Karmod’s new generation container system can be installed in only four steps by our expert teams.


We use automotive technology for the painting of our products. Thanks to this automotive technology, you can use your buildings like in their first day outlook for years. You do not have to maintain your buildings immedately. Karmod container office preserves its outlook for long time. They are suitable for earthquake zones or difficult work zones. For more durability, additional support column is used. Some of their usage areas:

  • Worker camps (as dormitory, dining hall, kitchens, wc, shower, work office, waste container)
  • Study offices
  • Security offices
  • For commercial purposes (kiosks, ticket box, car parks, taxi stands)

For detailed information about our products and their prices, please contact us.

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