Modular Container Office

Containers are systems that are preferred in many areas in terms of being durable for 4 seasons, cost-effective, easy transportation from one place to another and ease of assembly. Technically, they are customized prefabricated structures produced in a factory environment. Containers such as Construction Site and Container Office, Metropolis Container, WC & Shower Container, Dormitory Container, Dining Hall Container, Container Houses and Post-Disaster Emergency Housing Unit Containers are available in models that can be used in many different areas. The modular container office is a specialized product in container buildings. Containers have been used for transportation for many years. However, with the development of prefabricated building technology, containers have started to be used for housing and temporary accommodation areas. Modular container offices can be moved quickly and easily. When you want to build an office with traditional construction techniques, it will be very costly and will take a long time. Container office building, on the other hand, can be supplied quickly and is less costly at the same time. It is produced in a controlled manner under factory conditions and is inspected at every production stage.



Shipping Container Office

Shipping container offices provide you with a flexible and mobile ground floor office that you can rely on for years to come. Tailored to your needs, our plans include all necessary elements such as turnkey electrical and plumbing systems as well as office quality finishes. We offer portable products under many names such as container Office, shipping container Office, storage container offices, shipping container office building, office container, construction site offices, portable buildings. We work with you to understand your needs and produce the most suitable solution for you. We make any additions you need in the interior design of your office. Each project has its own characteristics, and our container offices allow customizations thanks to their flexible structure. Our modular products are the most advantageous choice to save time and cost. We produce solutions for your modular homes, container for sale, modular office and all your other practical needs. You can use shipping container office space as a durable solution for field operations or as a stylish option for container offices. After delivery, you can take your container workspace with you wherever you go. Our container office offers a professional and organized workspace in a safe and air-conditioned environment.


Container Commercial Buildings

The store and workplace container office are structures that have the ease of storage integrated into the floor plan and are produced to meet all the needs of the industry. Thanks to its advanced insulation systems, it is resistant to adverse weather conditions. The modular container combines work and conference space under one roof. Container commercial buildings provides maximum space efficiency thanks to its advanced plans. The interior design can be changed according to your own needs or taste. For example, you can change a room that you use as an office to a meeting room later on. As a popular trend today, modular office containers are used as a residential or commercial building. From an aesthetic point of view, this fashion creates a very attractive and modern atmosphere, especially for the young container market. Building a new building from scratch, especially using traditional methods, is quite a painstaking task. A modular office container makes maximum use of the space, making it as livable as possible. Moreover, despite all these features, its cost is much less than its traditional counterparts. When you want to make changes to the plans later, container offices are modular so it can be easily expanded according to your needs or preferences. Please contact us to get information about every stage from design to installation.



Modular Offices

As new technological techniques develop, the construction industry creates trends that will respond to needs faster. After prefabricated houses, containers have also taken their place in the housing industry. Another trend in the residential industry is the conversion of modular office containers into homes or offices. Traditionally constructed buildings are not only satisfactory in terms of cost. At the same time, it has difficulty in responding to changing aesthetic perceptions. The modular offices trend is embraced because it offers a strong structural appearance and has aesthetic qualities that make it attractive. An office built from a modular office container requires less labor than offices built using other methods. Of course, the reason for this feature is that it is already installed. So, you don't have to build it yourself from scratch. Basically, the most advantageous aspect of modular buildings is that they save you a lot of time that cannot be compared with traditional methods. After you have installed it effortlessly, you can design the contents of your office the way you want. Modular office containers can be the insulation systems you want to make. Thanks to its durable material and flexible structure, it is very easy to insulate. You can easily use it in all weather conditions and maintain it when necessary.



Workplace And Construction Sites & Office Container

Since the shipping container office is easy, it is one of the indispensable units of workplaces and construction sites. Office container is an ideal choice for those who want to have an economical and secure structure in a short time. It can be produced in desired dimensions and can be moved to the desired location. Shipping container office buildings, produced using the latest technology systems, are presented to the customer as ready-to-use and turnkey. Although the standard models are extremely useful, they can also be produced in a customized way. Container offices are delivered to the usage area after the factory production and installed by Karmod expert teams. If there is a possible problem after installation, you can contact us again. We work with our customers at all stages with our support team.


Office containers are produced under controlled conditions in the factory environment and controlled by our expert teams. If you live far from the city or want to have a modern looking office, office containers are the ideal solution for you. Regardless of your location, you can receive offices and their installation is very easy. It has many advantages over its traditionally built counterparts. Having a modern looking and comfortable office is possible with modular construction technology. Office containers also provide solutions to aesthetic needs thanks to their flexible structure. It leaves little impact on the environment and thanks to this feature, it is among the eco-friendly architecture. At the same time, as it requires very little labor, the risk of work accident is very low. Please contact us to have advantageous office containers in every respect.


Why Office Container?

One of the most preferred among all container products is the office container. Office containers made of durable materials can be produced as single-storey or multi-storey up to three floors, optionally. With its excellent insulation, it can be used in all seasons and in all weather conditions without any problems. Karmod delivers all the elements needed in the container office ready for use. Office container is the container system most preferred by construction companies due to its ability to be set up quickly at the construction site and moved to another location at the end of the project. With high quality non-combustible materials, different design applications can be made easily in container office facade cladding. Practical, economical and high-quality new generation office containers designed according to the personnel and produced in different combinations provide great advantages in construction sites. Container office transportation is done very easily and quickly by our expert teams. You can project the interior design as you wish, and you will not have any problems with transportation. Karmod offers ideal solutions for large construction and infrastructure projects around the world. The multi-storey ready system combined with technological rapid production delivers your new generation office container to you on time. We continue to produce projects with our experience of more than 30 years all over the world.


How to build a shipping container office?

Container offices are modular structures like our other products. They are produced in the factory environment as "modules" and get their modular name from here. After these modules are transported to the delivery area, they are assembled in the field. Thanks to this feature, they are delivered ready to use. It also saves you a lot of trouble. In today's world where fast delivery is important, this feature is one of the best advantages. Karmod container office products can be produced and delivered to you in a short time. We manufacture our modular structures with the best quality in our modern production facilities. As Karmod, we are with you not only during the ordering process, but also during the use of our products. You can contact us whenever you need any kind of support.



How to turn a shipping container into an office?

There are two ways to convert a shipping container into an office, in the simplest form. The first is to buy a shipping container and decorate it however you want. In other words, you need to convert the container you bought into an office. However, this is laborious, time consuming and much more costly than the other option. The second way is to contact us and tell us about the building you need. We believe that we will find the solution you need with our experience in prefabricated building technology. We can produce container office buildings in any design you need. Our standard size container products are proven products in their fields. However, we also make personalized designs according to your needs and offer you the most suitable solution. Work with us and let's build the future together.

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