Africa Modular Prefab Buildings

Africa Modular Prefab Buildings

Worker camp structure of the Middle East and Africa preferred Karmod

The brand of fast-established modular prefabricated structures Karmod has been the building choice of Middle Eastern and African countries for modular prefabricated worksite camps.

Recently, Karmod completed the production of a 500-strong worksite camp in the northern west of Saudi Arabia in the city of Tureyf.

In statements on the subject, Karmod General Manager Hakan Durmaz, emphasized that oil and natural gas energy has made a number of camp projects in mining in Africa and the Middle East. Hakan Durmaz also stated that countries such as Algeria, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Tanzania, Eritrea, Sudan, Congo, Madagascar, Iraq, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are among the countries where Karmod has completed the most worker camp projects.


The prefabricated structures consisting of a total of 11 different structures, which are preliminarily demounted in Karmod's modern facilities in 1 month, will start to be set up by expert teams when they reach the camp worksite in Tureyf city. The installation is planned to be completed in a short period of 1 month.



Within the scope of the project, all the structures that are needed to be found in a workers camp were produced. There are 3 different dormitories with a size of 3 thousand 811 square meters in the building group with a total size of 5 thousand 277 square meters. Administrative managers, supervisors and workers will be staying in these bedrooms. Management offices, dining halls, mosques, rest rooms, canteens, laundry’s, gyms, cellars and wc shower units are among the other structures produced within the scope of the project.

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