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Prefabricated Homes Manufacturers in Turkey

The prefabricated houses that stand out with the advantages of safety, long life, fast production and fast installation were produced in Turkey and became known all over the world in a short time.

Karmod, the most important manufacturer of prefabricated houses Turkey that are produced with modern technology, is  transporting dwellings from Turkey to all over the world. The house, which is prepared by demounting all the units  is easily transported prefabricated-houses Turkey by international transportation standards and delivered and assembled in a very short time on site.

A house of 100 square meters can be installed with walls, doors, windows, roofs, electrical installations, clean and wastewater installations in 3-4 days with an assembly team of 3 persons.

Karmod, who has realized mass housing projects together with individual customers, showed a remarkable success by producing a huge project of 1884 houses inhabited by 10 thousand people in the cities of Baghdad and Kut in Iraq within a short period of 7 months. This project has the feature of being the biggest mass housing project ever realized with an prefabricated building of the world.

Karmod, which hosts thousands of people every year in Turkey, has undertaken  mass housing projects in many countries including Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Venezuela and Panama. Karmod is also a leading residential brand with its rapid production of refugee living areas due to natural disasters such as prefabricated-houses Turkey earthquakes and floods. Karmod has delivered 500 housing units for the Van earthquake in turkey, housing for the Syrian refugees and 200 units of wc-shower units.

For the single-storey and two-storey model sector, living areas such as private houses for families, public housing and emergency accommodations are among the housing solutions Karmod has prepared with rapid production and ready-to-use installation.

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