New generation of ABS cabins

Our new generation of ABS cabins are environment friendly and 100% recyclable. As a result of our manufacturing technology these cabins have more glossy surface, along with functional usage has many other superior unique characteristics. With 150x150 m dimensions ABS cabin was modified so that it will meet customer’s higher expectations.

What is the difference between different types of containers

  • For the first time ABS sandwich panel cabins were produced using automation technology
  • More glossy interior and exterior
  • Easy to transport because of light weight and advanced strength impact
  • Durable, Easy to clean,Stainless material
  • Resistant to all types of weather conditions.
  • Thanks to usage of antibacterial silicone neutral on mergered areas no liquid,dust or microbe can penetrate inside the cabin.
  • Durable PVC door system
  • 4mm thick tempered autoglass is used
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