As Karmod, we have been serving in the prefabricated building industry for more than 30 years. Our buildings, which we produce in our modern facilities, reach the whole world from Turkey. It has left its mark in many projects from construction to mining, from airports to oil facilities, with its structures such as prefabricated construction site structures, office and living containers and tolu residences. In national or international projects, it builds modular structures at all stages from the design stage to production and construction with its expert teams. With its knowledge and experience from the past to the present, our company uses the highest technology to serve in large projects all over the world. We have become a world brand in prefabricated building technology around the world with the numerous projects we have realized.

Our buildings, which are produced with advanced technological facilities in a factory conditions, offer a comfortable living space to the management staff and workers with their aesthetic design. Our buildings, which contain high heat and sound insulation, serve different purposes in different industries. Our products, which are used in a wide range from a single housing project to a container city consisting of hundreds of houses, can be used safely in all climates and working conditions with their flexible and durable structure. We offer advanced design and assembly possibilities by combining our experience and expertise with new technologies. We offer a comfortable user experience after sales by minimizing the margin of error with production under factory conditions. We help you with our support teams in the harsh working environments of the construction sites or in adverse situations that may occur in our cabins in the facilities. As Karmod, we understand the importance of working together and we establish close relations with our customers accordingly. Let's work together, let's build the future together.

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